The Wonder Garden
The Wonder Garden
The Wonder Garden

The Wonder Garden

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Written by Jenny Broom. Illustrations by Kristjana S Williams

Fold back the cover of this book and let the gates to Earth’s Wonder Garden swing wide open!

Wander in and look about as you ‘stroll’ through five of the world’s most dazzling habitats, where life in all its variety abounds in this large format information book. Explore rainforests, deserts, coral reefs, woodlands and mountain ranges with breathtaking engrave printed illustrations. Even the front cover is a delight to look at with its gold foil details! 

Spy and read about the spectacular creatures that call each of these habitats their home. Children can learn to use an index to find specific information and addition website resources are offered in the back of the book.

Format: Hardcover (large)

Recommended Age: 7-12 years