How Does A Butterfly Grow?
How Does A Butterfly Grow?
How Does A Butterfly Grow?
How Does A Butterfly Grow?

How Does A Butterfly Grow?

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Written by Dawn Sirett. Illustrated by Louise Anglicas & Designed by Polly Appleton.

From a tiny egg to crawly caterpillar, to wonderful, fluttery butterfly; lift the flaps and discover each of the cycles in a butterfly's life. 

One of our favourite non-fiction books for children! This gorgeous board book has so much to look at with it's colourful illustrations, photos of real butterflies at every stage of life and on top of that; secret flaps to open that reveal even more interesting tid-bits. Butterflies are one of the most popular interests among children as they are so often seen in our environment and the wonder of how they grow and change draws a lot of interest.

We love the easy to understand language used throughout which makes the book perfect for preschool and kindergarten aged children. There is also a plethora of new vocabulary words introduced on every page and a handy glossary to help parents and teachers explain their meanings. 

Take a look at some of huge variety of butterflies found all over the world and compare their amazing colours and shapes. 

Format: Board Book

Recommended Age: 4 - 6 years