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Created by Carnovsky, Written by Rachel Williams

Wake up in nature and discover ten of the world’s most diverse environments, told in a kaleidoscope of colour from Milan-based design duo, Carnovsky.

In this large, striking informational book, children will use the included viewing lens to explore jungles, oceans, grasslands, woodlands and more. Not only does Illuminature challenge the reader to find each of the many animals living among the pages but categorizes the illustrations into ’daytime animals’, ’habit’ and ’night time animals’. By looking through one of three colours in the view finder, creatures and environments appear and disappear almost like magic! 

This series of books are a wonderful educational source that include a wealth of knowledge covering a wide range of the Earth’s species and environments while still inviting readers to interact with the material.

Format: Large Hardback

Recommended Age: 7-12 years