Cotton Crochet Pixie Rattle (Acorn)

Cotton Crochet Pixie Rattle (Acorn)

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This cute pixie rattle in its red and orange outfit is named after the peaceful acorn tree.
Our little pixies are all hand crocheted using 100% soft cotton for the outer, and stuffed with polyester to make them great to hold on to and cuddle. Being cotton they are also easy to care for and clean – perfect for little ones who love to chew and suck on their toys!

People often ask why they have no faces. The Steiner theory is that if children's toys have minimal expressions the child is able to project their own emotions onto the toy and that this leads to more flexible and creative play. So if you're sleepy then you can pretend that your toy is sleepy too! We think it's a lovely concept and there are many more pixies in the range to collect.

All Pebble products, including this little guy are made ethically in Bangladesh by the extremely talented and capable artisans at Hathay Bunano. Pebble toys are helping to support families in rural Bangladesh, to remove the need for economic migration to the cities and to provide women with flexible working opportunities which are close to their homes.

Why We Love It:
• Hand crocheted by fair trade artisans
• 100% soft cotton outer – machine washable
• Soft and safe for very small children (no small parts)
• Easy to grasp for little ones
• Steiner inspired design
• Made in fair and ethical conditions, supporting families in rural Bangladesh

Developmental Pros:
• Social & Emotional Skills: comfort and security, sharing and projecting emotions
• Communication skills: listening to sounds
• Physical & Fine Motor Skills: grasping, holding, shaking, manipulating and learning to focus on objects

Product Specifications:
• Recommended for Ages: New baby +
• 100% Cotton outer
• Fair trade made
• Product Dimension: Approx. 13 cm tall
• Handmade in Bangladesh