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These gorgeous teepee are Fairtrade made in Nepal by Rainbows & Clover. We love the quality and simplicity of these teepee's; they fit in with any decor and can be decorated how ever your heart desires! Teepees are a great way to provide your child with a space to relax and enjoy a book or encourage imaginative play. I can't tell you how many hours of tea parties, camping, and secret club meetings we've had in ours!

We can also attest that these teepee are easy to put up and, with the addition of the wooden pole joiners they can be packed down to half their size in a handy carry bag. Take your teepee to the park, beach, or friend’s backyard. No need to stress about outdoor use, the regular teepee cover is machine washable too.


Measurements: 1.5m tall, 1.53m wide and 1.34m deep

Each teepee includes:

  • 1x carry bag with strap for easy carrying
  • Small window with flap closure
  • 1x white polycotton cover
  • 5x wooden poles
  • 5x wooden beads which slot between each pole at the top, to ensure perfect spacing
  • Instructions