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by Janik Coat

In Janik Coat’s awaited follow-up to Hippoposites, a blue rhinoceros demonstrates sixteen pairs of rhyming words in the most surprising ways!

Janik's style is so unique and it really shows in this fabulous board book, aimed to teach young children the concept of opposites. Simple yet interesting and sometimes funny in it's approach, children will delight in the textures and finishes used to demonstrate different words that are sprinkled throughout; shiny gold foil, lumpy-bumpy spots, furry fabric, fuzzy felt, and quilted lines. Rhino's pet puppy even makes an appearance or two.

We think this book is great for both toddlers, due to its simple yet familiar images but also for preschoolers who are ready to learn the concept of opposites.

Format: Board Book

Recommended Age: 18 mths - 4 years